Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Truth about Sweden

Donald Trump’s recent comments about Sweden have caused a furore amongst the usual suspects, namely, the horde of deranged, lying liberal and leftist media. Strange how much of the leftist media has nothing or little to say about the riot in the largely migrant suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm that happened just hours after the Swedish PM claimed that things are just rosy in Sweden:

As in many Western European nations, mass Third World immigration into Sweden has been an economic, social and cultural disaster. This is a straightforward truth.

The disaster exists on multiple levels, as follows:

(1) since 1975, rape has increased by 1,472% in Sweden. This cannot be explained just because Sweden has a looser definition of rape than other nations or because more women report rape than in the past. See here:
Carlqvist, Ingrid and Lars Hedegaard. “Sweden: Rape Capital of the West,” Gatestone Institute, 14 February, 2015.
Or see this discussion by Sargon of Akkad:

(2) Mass immigration means Sweden increasingly has largely segregated migrant ghettos, and these rapidly turn into No Go Zones:
Tyler Durden, “Sweden Creates 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ as it Loses Control Of Refugee Crisis,” Zerohedge.com, 28 September, 2016.
Or see this report on RT from September 2016:

A longer interview here with Ingrid Carlqvist:

These No Go Zones are an increasing reality all over Europe:

(3) with a low fertility rate amongst native Swedes below the replacement rate of 2.1 (as in every European country), large-scale Third World mass immigration – if it continues – will simply make native Swedes a minority in Sweden by the end of the 21st century, and Sweden will become an Islamised country with a Muslim majority, as will many other nations in Western Europe.

Already in certain suburbs and cities Swedes are well on the way to being minorities or are actual minorities already:
Nima Gholam Ali Pour, “Sweden’s ‘Creative Destruction,’” Gatestone Institute, 8 July, 2015.
This demographic suicide is even openly celebrated, as in this TV advertisement by a government-funded Swedish charity organisation called Individuell Människohjälp (IM):

Is it really any wonder that the Sweden Democrats are rapidly rising in the opinion polls in Sweden?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Two Simple Questions for the Advocates of Mass Immigration

The first question:
If continued mass Third World immigration into Europe results in the sweeping political victory of the populist and far right in Europe, how can such immigration possibly have been a success or a good thing for Europe?
This is exactly what we are looking at in Europe in the next few years: the sweeping political victory of the populist and far right in Europe, such as Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV), UKIP, the Sweden Democrats, Marine Le Pen’s French National Front, the Danish People’s Party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), and perhaps even Golden Dawn in Greece.

The reason is not just the economic disaster of Neoliberalism or the anti-democratic EU, but the social and cultural disaster of Third World immigration, which in actual fact is very much part of the Neoliberal program.

And we are already seeing the early stages of the social collapse.

Some glimpses of the riots going on in Paris in the past week:

The lying media wants to spin this as mere protests at alleged police brutality. Bullsh*t.

This is partly low-level insurgency by immigrants. This is the slow collapse of Europe. Plain and simple.

The second question:
If continued mass Third World immigration into Europe results in the sweeping political victory of the populist and far right in Europe with large-scale demographic replacement of Europeans and social collapse into civil war, would you still support continued mass Third World immigration into Europe?